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#MadeOfMoxxie Awards: Community Builder

MoxxieMade is a series of New York City intimate events that brings together a community of women that support one another to courageously go after their definition of fulfillment. Rose-Colored Roundup creator Lisa was selected as a Community Builder award recipient for her work with the newsletter.


Seek The Joy Podcast

Seek the Joy is a podcast about celebrating life's joyful moments — both big and small. Lisa sat down with Sydney Weiss to talk about the inspiration behind Rose-Colored Roundup, what it's like starting a new project or business as a millennial, dealing with impostor syndrome, and the power of good news in helping to create joy and positive change in your community ✨


Partnership with

Rose-Colored Roundup has partnered with innovative civics nonprofit IssueVoter. Introducing 'Olive Branch,' a recurring feature in the newsletter and on IssueVoter's Medium page. By highlighting bills that pass in Congress with support from both sides of the aisle, Rose-Colored Roundup seeks to remind readers that bipartisanship is not as illusive as it may seem — you just have to know where to look.